The Great Escape - Sorrento, Naples (Italy)

07 May , 2018

Sorrento, Naples (Italy) 

EKRIA_The Great Escape_May 2018_Destination Sorrento in style

Our resident Italian style king is sticking to his roots

Good food, good wine (obviously, in Italy), beautiful cliff top views sweeping down to azure water – perfect for a nostalgic, simple Italian getaway. A picturesque fishing village, Sorrento just might be a little bit of heaven filled with pasta and gelato.

Style Wise

It is hot hot hot, the weather and the Italian style so think full on summertime glamour, old school Fellini – breezy sundresses, cool straw hats and sunglasses.

EKRIA Styling

EKRIA_The Great Escape_May 2018_Destination Sorrento_Jewellery suggestion_Drip choker  

Go for the delicate yet bold Indochine Earrings for a simple day look or up the ante with the statement Drip Necklace to bring out your inner Sophia Loren.




Antonio’s top tips for visiting Sorrento


  • Lunch at the Marina Grande.
  • Take a private boat tour around the Island of Capri, and definitely visit the Grotta Azurra (the Blue Grotto). The natural sea cave is like an entrance to a secret world.
  • Stay at Hotel Parco dei Principi, a stately wonder perched on a cliff.
  • Hire a Vespa scooter to live the Italian summer experience to the fullest! – wear a helmet.
  • Have authentic pizza in Naples at the restaurant that claims to be the oldest in the trade: L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Beware, there are only two types of pizza at this restaurant as all the other kinds are considered as fake pizza, whatever that means.


Stay tuned for our next destination: Saint-Petersburg in Russia.

EKRIA team