Zoom In… EKRIA's Moon: its esoteric reference and its meaning for EKRIA

04 Dec , 2017

Representing the brand is the EKRIA MOON, forming the logo for EKRIA.

EKRIA Moon signifies the inspirational source of the brand's creation. The moon is a timeless celestial symbol, acting as a guiding light for humans on the Earth since the beginning of time.This lunar form is carved onto each EKRIA product, sealed with white enamel to last for eternity.

Only glowing brighter as night falls while the rest of the world is washed in a blanket of darkness, the moon has unique, mesmerising properties.

It is the only extra-terrestrial object that is visible throughout all hours of the day and night, acting as the first and now, everlasting connection between humans and the wider universe.

Forming something of a reminder of the bigger force that this universe is part of, EKRIA uses this stirring foundation as its ongoing source of inspiration, using the EKRIA MOON symbol to signify this in its pieces.

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