EKRIA is a contemporary lifestyle brand with a bold and sophisticated take on art and design.

Our well-designed products are made of high quality and conscious materials, produced with contemporary methods and excellent craftsmanship.

EKRIA is curious about the cosmos and believes in the power of storytelling. Each piece is a storytelling tool that encourages people to express themselves and make human connections.

EKRIA explores the Cosmos through the human experience. EKRIA collections capture the essence of the human story by investigating the visual elements of different cultures; civilisations and periods. And it’s through this study that EKRIA’s own unique design language is formed while also respecting the universal principles of design.

House of Ekria is an eclectic hub that encourages storytelling, generates experiences and promotes human connections through art & design.

As House of EKRIA, we believe in stories; we believe that as humans, we should be sharing our stories with each other. And we believe that products and experiences are the strongest tools for story telling. House of EKRIA’s mission is to explore the art of storytelling across many distinct creative disciplines; through design products, art works, visual literature, visual arts, body arts, music, film, food, talks, games, workshops, and a wider, rich program of events and experiences.

EKRIA Products: Ekria’s collections of life-style products including furniture, table top, textile and jewellery will be displayed and sold at House of Ekria. Almost every product that is used and shown in the store will be available for sale.

EKRIA Designer Prints Ekria’s archive quality designer Giclee(French term meaning “to spray”, production method for inkjet printers) prints are digital artworks created by our founder and designer Esra and printed in-house on 290 gr. environment friendly archival Hahnemühle Bamboo fine art paper. EKRIA’s designer prints are graphical studies of the visual cultures of civilizations and periods of the human story.

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