Sterling Silver Rings For Women

Sterling Silver Rings For Women And Their Usage

By J.S. von Dacre

Sterling silver rings for women, since they first appeared on the market, have been immensely popular amongst fans of jewellery. It meant that beautiful and long lasting jewellery was more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Sterling silver is currently one of the most preferred metals being used by jewellers all across the world, and there are many advantages to selecting it.

Let’s see together 5 reasons why sterling silver rings for women are the best jewellery items to have and the best presents to offer.

5 Reasons To Buy Sterling Silver Rings For Women

Durability & Costs

Did you know that Sterling silver comprises of 92.5% silver, and 7.5% of other metal alloys? Alloys are necessary to be make silver solid and workable. Indeed, Sterling silver, or silver 925, is the purest form of silver you can find on the market. This makes it highly durable, and it means that when taken care of properly, these pieces of jewellery can last for a lifetime and even be handed down for generations.

Sterling silver jewellery still has the same appeal, class, and sophistication as some of its more expensive counterparts such as white gold and platinum – but without the hefty price tag.

Hypoallergenic & Versatile

One of the best features about sterling silver rings for women is that it will not irritate the skin. Unlike cheaper metals, it does not contain auxiliary metal additions, which are known to cause allergic reactions. By wearing sterling silver jewellery, you are not only sure to wear a great piece of jewellery, but you also have the guarantee that this jewellery won’t harm your health.

Sterling silver can also be used as a basis for other materials. You maybe have heard of gold plated sterling silver jewellery or sterling silver jewellery dipped in gold. At EKRIA, all our jewellery is available in three gold colours: rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Sterling silver’s adaptable colour means that it goes well with any outfit and occasion. It can be worn for a glamorous event, or simply as a chic accessory to casual wear.

Easy to maintain

Exquisite jewellery does not have to translate to investing hoards of time in ensuring its upkeep is well maintained. In fact, sterling silver rings for women could not be easier to take care of. All that is required is keeping the item in an airtight box, and wiping it with a silver polishing cloth from time to time.

And to be sure that your beautiful sterling silver ring stands the test of time, we advise you to take it off before washing your hands, taking a shower or doing household chores. The same applies to when you are applying cream or other beauty products.

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