Zen Midi RingYellow Gold

Known in Japan as sakura, these dreamlike trees have been celebrated in art and literature since ancient times. It is said to represent beauty, hope, nobleness, and life.


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At the root of Japanese culture lies Zen–a concept that is so profound and philosophical that most are unable to explain it. In fact, it is said that its meaning is so simple that it makes it difficult for humans to truly grasp! Sound complicated?


Well, it should not. All you need to do is to let go of your worries, and allow your inner being to become one with the universe with EKRIA’S Zen range!

This unique sterling silver ring is certainly a one of a kind-talking piece. It has a light, minimalist and sleek finish, and is just wonderful in every way.

You can wear it on your little finger or to really turn heads, team it with our Zen ring. Either way, Zen’s the word!

White gold looks effortlessly elegant.

Yellow gold exudes a classic timelessness.

Rose gold captures a feminine charisma.

Unsure about which colour to choose?

Cool skin tones have pinkish undertones and are identifiable by blueish veins.

White gold acts as a perfect compliment to these complexions.

Warm skin tones have yellowish undertones and are identifiable by greenish veins. Yellow gold adds a wonderful finishing touch to these skin colours.

Rose gold is divine and captivating on most skin tones.

The black shadow in the image is a reflection from the shiny finish and not a feature of the jewelry.


Adjustable one size is perfect for everyone.

  • 1 micron gold plated Sterling silver
  • Shiny finish
  • The black shadow on the image is a reflection on the shiny finish caused by photography and does not correspond to a feature on the jewelry.


  • Dimensions: 5,0*1,1*0,1 cm

One size adjustable open design. 1 micron gold plated 925 sterling silver.