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At House of Ekria’s Design Lab we aim to deliver creative, effortless, interdisciplinary learning experiences that focus on universal art and design concepts. Our workshops will consist and grow upon the subjects of symmetry, colour theory, form and volume study and art theory. We planned to use found objects, self-drying mud, objects found on nature such as sea shells, rocks, leafs, pine cones, wooden laths and blocks and also the objects in our archive and legos. We hope to contribute to our community with our experiential workshops by providing them with information on the various principles of art and design, introduced in simple and creative ways, utilizing examples from nature, science and everyday life. We hope to tap into people’s sense of wonderment by sharing with them our own perspective on concepts, stimulating mindful observation towards life around us.

Workshops will be categorised as children and adults. Children will be separated by age groups.

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